North Korean Vinyl: Can Anyone Help Identify the Movies? (Updated)

Vinyl 1

I really love it when people contact me through the site asking for help, and I love it even more when I can prove helpful. Recently a gentlemen sent me images of vinyl record he has of North Korean cinema songs. It’s a truly beautiful thing but he asked me if I could help him identify the movies pictured.

UPDATE: Thanks to our Korean-speaking friend Remco Breuker, we can identify the above image as coming from “Spring Comes to Mount Thaebaek Mountain” (태백산에 봄이 온다).

As someone who doesn’t read/speak Korean, nor have I seen every DPRK film made, I was wondering if there was anyone out there who could help us identify two of the films I wasn’t able to find. The first image (above) stumped me, but there are a couple below the break which I could find. Can you help?  Leave a comment or send me an email (

Vinyl 2

There appear to be three films on the above image, with the one at the top alluding me.

UPDATE: Remco also identified the top image of these three as “First Steps/The First Step/The Beginning” (첫걸음). Great work for reading the label! I will look to see if I can find more details on both these movies.

Bottom, right:
“Yong Su and Yong Ok in the Socialist Homeland” (Two parts), no year given.
“The film shows the happy and worthy life of brother Yong Su and sister Yong Ok in the embrace of the socialist motherland, in contrast with their past life if the different system and realities in the South.”

Bottom, left:
“Rolling Workers” (Two parts), no year given.
“This film shows the heroic struggle of the workers of Kangson who are the first to raise the torch of the Chollima Movement by turning out 120,000 tons of steel at the blooming mill with rated capacity of 60,000.”

Vinyl 3

The above is:
The Undying Soldier” 영원한 전사, no year given
“The film is based on the facts of the struggle and life of comrade Ma Dong Hui, a revolutionary fighter who was infinitely faithful to the Great Leader Kim Il Sung in the days of the anti-Japanese war.”

Next we have the labels on the record itself which may point to the music contained and also explain what the remaining images are… if anyone can translate and let us know, that would be great.

Vinyl 4 Vinyl 5

One thought on “North Korean Vinyl: Can Anyone Help Identify the Movies? (Updated)

  1. The top one is from the movie 태백산에 봄이 온다 (Spring is coming to T’aebaek Mountain), the bottom one from 첫걸음 (First steps/The first step/The beginning). At least, that’s what the labels see.

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