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About 101 Essential Chinese Movies

Explosive kung-fu epics, tragic leftist melodrama, chest-thumping propaganda films, and more are covered in this movie guide that explores a century of Chinese filmmaking, from the silent era to the present. The greatest Chinese movies cover a wide range of genres, are authoritatively listed in this book, and are described in thorough detail that is accessible to film buffs, students, and casual viewers alike. The compendium goes beyond art house and kung fu films that are popular with international audiences to also present movies that connect with Mainland Chinese audiences. Alongside the detailed descriptions of each selection, there are countless recommendations for further viewing, making it the perfect introduction to China’s rich cinematic tradition.

Praise for the book

“Simon Fowler has traveled deep into the labyrinth of Chinese film and emerged with an invaluable map. Part history, part criticism, part popcorn-scarfing movie fanaticism—all blessedly free of pretension.”  — Josh Chin, author, Frommer’s Beijing

“Fowler explores the best Chinese films ever made—everything from early talkies to international festival prize winners to the dramas and comedies beloved by domestic audiences—and provides the reader with deep insights into not only Chinese film, but also China itself.”  — Austin Ramzy, China correspondent, Time

“Both a handy guide for the uninitiated and a springboard to plunge right into China’s incredibly multi-dimensional 105-year-old cinematic history.”  — China Daily

“A verbal treat on visual delights.”  — Global Times

You can buy the book at here, or here.

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