Kim Jong-Il: On the Art of Cinema

Kim Jong Il Art of Cinema

A little light reading for a Monday…

Here are a few of my favourite quotes as I (not for the first time) flick through Kim Jong-Il’s seminal tome on how to make a film (in North Korea).

“A film without music is incomplete.”

“In a wide-screen film, it is better to shoot long scenes which match the flow of life and to prolong the effective emotional content by means of efficient editing based on the unrestricted movement of the camera.”

“Make-up in a noble art.”

“Success in acting must be assured by persistent effort.”

2 thoughts on “Kim Jong-Il: On the Art of Cinema

  1. Thanks for the great site and consider how you might be more valuable to your readers. If you linked to where we could find a copy of this book online for example. Also if you had shared the link to the company that was selling North Korean films when got found it instead of teasing about a mother load of films more of us could have picked up copies of some gems before they shut down.

    • Hi, thanks for your input. When I first published the article the site was up and running but it was several months later that someone pointed out the site had been shut down. I decided to amend the post at the top and also mention that a lot of these films are now on YouTube. Hope that helps.

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