Comrade Kim Goes Flying to premiere at PIFF

Koryo Tours gets a lot of mentions here on the site. And with good reason. Nick Bonner and the guys run a slick outfit offering tours to North Korea, but most meaningfully for me they have had a hand in some of the best documentaries about North Korea as well bringing attention to the DPRK’s own cinematic output.

I’ve knew Nick Bonner during my time in Beijing and had long heard of his dream of filming a rom-com in North Korea with an entirely North Korean cast. So I was especially pleased when a long-time follower of the site forwarded me this New York Times article about the imminent release of the film Comrade Kim Goes Flying.

The film is due to get  a premier at the Pyongyang International Film Festival and we’ll keep an eye out for it turning up on DVD, too.

4 thoughts on “Comrade Kim Goes Flying to premiere at PIFF

  1. I’m very interested about this. First co-production with Europe according this article from the (in)famous TenZen and as Promise in Pyongyang, North Koreans could watch an higher and most modern level of video and use of camera, with a movie that point on comedy and entertainment.
    Let’s hope that this Kim Jong Un era could keep on with such works (alongside rumored little changes in economy). However the thing i really really would love to see speaking about co-production it’s a modern co-production with China about a war movie of Korea. In last years China managed to create some high quality war movies as Assembly (that has a scene in Korea) and “Axis of War” trilogy movies…

    • Definitely. Ten Zan is a schlock classic – Johannes Schönherr wrote an excellent couple of pieces on it that I’ll highlight in a future post. As for “Comrade Kim”, I’m pretty sure a DVD will come along shortly.

      I also hear Nick Bonner – the creative mind behind the film – is taking it to the Toronto Film Festival…

      • I had read an interview also… but i’ve to say that as Italian (even if however i missed to miss that movie v.v) in our cinema history the ’70 – ’80 years were filled with low/medium budget “B-movies”, lots of them had many lacks and troubles and mess with plot and so on… but people loved them because said “well.. i’m going to watch a B-movie and i will enjoy that”. I’m pretty sure that i can find a dvd copy in italian language in some stores, but i would work hard on it.
        However.. you read my old post about the NK animation? I’ve wrote how the point that Disnay

      • Disney probably never worked with SEK and the rumours were alla about old ’90 tv series (named Pokahontas and Lion King) that had few in common with the old ones (even if Pokhanotas series was simply amazing..) also today SEK work close with Italian RAI tv productions (and a French one too..) here in Italy during ’90 kids watch anime-edited cartoons in a tv channel OR “coproduction” cartoons in another channel and half of them were made in DPRK.
        I could suggest you the site of “Mondo TV”, here:
        You will see that many of the series are done by SEK studios and there are also some long-movie done for KCTV that were still translated in Italian and it can be bought there..

        However i think that the best ever works done by SEK (for a Belgian-French group, based on a series of Italian comics of an adventure-man at the beginning of ‘900) it’s named “Corto Maltese”, there are many videos in Youtube and if you look very well at the end there is wrote in “animation” that they are done by “SEK”
        The animations it’s of the more recent quality …. but there are also others as the tv series of Last of Mohicans (you can see it in Mondo TV site) and the design it’s almost the same of the last North Koreans cartoons for their tv…

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