2 thoughts on ““Rocky” Theme Performed in North Korea

  1. Honestly i find it very interesting, we’ve to remember that Kim Jong Un lived in Switzerland so he’s used to Western stuff. I’ve read also in some articles that he’s starting to make slow moves toward little reforms close to China (even if neither big as the actual Chinese ecomonic system) that could turn into more western-like productions close to our standards

  2. Hey, you have a great blog.
    My message is not related to this specific post but I’m very interested in north korean movies. And I read your blog for a couple of months now. Thanks to Internet, I’m able to have 14 NK films…. I make critics of these films on my blog (in french). You can read it here if you want : http://tomblands-fr.blogspot.fr/search/label/Cor%C3%A9e%20du%20Nord
    I’d love to see more north korean films but it’s so difficult… and frustrating when I see pictures from the book “Korean Film Art”… but one day, one day… this will be released hopefully.

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