Kim Jong-Il’s Cinema Experience

As time passes I get more and more emails into my inbox asking about North Korean cinema. Usually it’s from a journalist who needs a quick quote to pad out an article, but sometimes something really special can make its way there.

Kim Jong-Il’s Cinematic Experience is an interactive website that lets you explore North Korean cinema through videos and (best of all) gives you the chance to make your own DPRK film trailer (you can see my attempt here).

Choose the music you desire, a revolutionary cause and a Facebook friend who you want to star in the picture and the site will generate a snazzy little trailer that you can share. Definitely worth checking out.

DPRK Movie Help: Can you identify these movies?

Hello budding North Korean movie detectives…

I have managed to get hold of four North Korean movie posters – and even have the names of the movies in English – but I am unable to find out any details of these movies.

Given the wide-range of DPRK/Korea-speaking/film legends I have occasionally commenting on this humble blog, would anyone be able to point to any resources about when these movies are about?

It may well be that these movies have been given different English titles, or that details on them can be found by searching their Korean names? Any details would be greatly appreciated in this case. Just leave a comment or email if you can help with the hunt!

A Forked Road in the Forrest

A Forked Road in a Forest


Don’t Worry About the Construction


Don't Worry About The Construction


On the Road of a Brilliant Exploit

On The Road of a Brilliant Exploit


Stand Away

Stand Away