Pulgasari: North Korea’s Godzilla

Undoubtedly the most widely distributed North Korean film outside of its own country, Pulgasari is a rare attempt in North Korean cinema to use themes from the “mainstream”.

Utilizing the talents of Shin Sang-ok, Pulgasari was used talent from China and Japan to recreate the old Korean myth of a village who construct a monster to defend them from attacking hoards. Kind of like Seven Samurai but with a giant metal-eating monster made out of rice instead of… seven samurai.

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DPRK Film Database

It’s by no means a complete list, but compared to the rather basic lists offered by IMDb and Wikipedia, I’ve put together the most comprehensive list of North Korean films that I am aware of.

Using several books such as Korean Film Art and Contemporary Korean Cinema and a number of other website, the list is intended as a reference that can continue to be updated.

Film years, Korean names and correct romanization of Korean names are the biggest weaknesses of this list, so if you have any updates/additions you want to make, please email me at dprkfilms@gmail.com. A permanent link to the database will be always be at the top of the site and also here.